septic tanks


Grease Traps 1000 - 1500 gallons

Mid-Seam Tanks 750 - 1500 gallons

Top-Seam Tanks 1000 - 1500 gallons

Fast Tanks .5 , .75 , .90

Distribution Boxes 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 hole (Wide & Narrow)

precast concrete SEPTIC tanks

While other tanks made from steel and polyethylene deteriorate over time, concrete cures over time, making it a great material for strong and lasting septic tanks. Compared to concrete septic tanks, steel may falter to weather changes and plastic tanks are easily cracked by seismic and buoyant forces.

Winchester Precast offers a wide variety of septic tanks that conform to Loudoun County specs that include Tuf-Tite 24" risers cast in place. All of our tanks are vacuum-tested and approved before they leave the yard.

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Ask us about our pump tanks and E-Z Treat alternative tanks!



  • Concrete strength to be min 4000 PSI at 28 days.

  • Tanks designed to ASTM C913 and ASTM C1227

  • Joints and sealants conforms to ASTM C1644

  • Welded wire fabric reinforcement 6x6 - W2.1 x W2.1

  • Nycon XL-100 1.5' fiber 5 lbs per yard.


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our vacuum-testing process for all septic tanks