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As a licensed Redi-Rock® supplier, Winchester Precast offers retaining and freestanding walls that are easy to install for personal and commercial projects for Northern Virginia and beyond.


Our retaining walls use a positive connection with geogrid reinforcement that is wrapped through the block to reduce the risk of a connection failure and soil erosion. 

Redi-Rock freestanding walls are above grade and versatile for many kinds of projects from landscaping a home to large development projects. Using an excavator, Redi-Rock can be simply installed in a linear or curved design to add an attractive edge to your project.

Redi-Rock is available in several textures and sizes with caps and accessories available for a polished finish. Request a quote from Winchester Precast to help you with your retaining wall needs today!

You can find more information on block design and specifications at the Redi-Rock® website.

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Case study from Redi-Rock®

Project: Witmer Farm Rail Bridge #173

Construction Location: Millersburg, Pennsylvania

 Year Built: 2010

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